Town of Lexington


"I'm From Lexington!"

Excerpts based on the book compiled by Fred Johnson entitled "I'm from Lexington."

No place like it...

Centered around Lexington High School and the 4-way intersection of Hwy 101 and Hwy 64, Lexington Alabama is a unique member of the Shoals family of towns and communities. Lexington is a true crossroads community that lies between Anderson & Greenhill and Rogersville & Loretto, TN.

Lexington boasts one of the best small schools in the state and maintains the small town atmosphere that many of the surrounding communities have since lost.

Originally Established in 1818

Lewis Marshall entered the land in 1818 where the original town stood. He entered four forty-acre tracts in Township 1, Range 8 West. These tracts lay north and south with the northernmost tract cornering about where highways 101 and 64 [intersect].

The enchanting springs that flowed from the low hills to the west, north, and east gave birth to a village. This cluster of springs and their meadow of confluence had been a pleasant place for the native Americans.

This village gave birth to a school, and later to the Town of Lexington.

Mayor(s) of Lexington

Find out more about our new Mayor, Sandra Killen Burroughs, and some of our past Mayors....